An internal critque of Modern Judaism

Written by Ben Russell and Spencer Grussing Jewish people generally deny the Christian gospel of the New Testament and only accept that the Torah and Old Testament scriptures are valid. They are simply looking for their Messiah and Savior to come. Christians however, can use the Torah itself and Old Covenant documents to demonstrate that […]

Post-Debate Thoughts on My Debate with Alex Botten

Written by Jason Petersen What follows is my commentary on my debate with Alex Botten: I appreciate all of the prayers and the support. I was sick yesterday, but by God’s grace I was able to debate as scheduled. As I reflect on the debate, I am truly stunned at the juvenile behavior that Alex […]

Missing it Totally

Written by Jonathan Hilt The other day, I was browsing through Facebook and looking at the different pages that have been created to support something of interest. A pleasure of mine, is to observe the different pages of the various sects within Christianity. I meandered through a few but landed on some that quite honestly, […]

Comments on My Debate with YouTube Atheist Philosophical Vlogs

Written by Jason Petersen Several days ago, we had an atheist youtuber known as Philosophical Vlogs join RAW5069’s show. Much of the show involved Philosophical Vlogs and I going back and forth regarding the nature of knowledge for our respective worldviews. I am very satisfied with how the discussion went. Although I think that Philosophical […]

What Moved the Unmoved Mover?

Written by Jason Petersen This article is aimed at responding to a common objection to Thomas Aquinas’ Unmoved-Mover Argument. The Unmoved-Mover Argument is also known as the Argument for God from Motion. The objection that we will be responding to is “What caused the unmoved mover to move to create the universe?” [divider] The Meaning […]

Who Created God?

Written by Jason Petersen The question “Who Created God?” is often asked in response to the Argument from Motion, the Teleological Argument, and the Kalam Cosmological Argument. This article will be addressing this question. [divider] Factors to Take into Consideration When we are talking the Christian God, it is important that we take God’s properties […]

Which God?

Written by Jason Petersen A common objection by atheists to any first-cause argument is “Which God?” Oftentimes, when an argument is presented, such as the Kalam Cosmological Argument, or the Argument from Motion, the atheist will say: “Well, you haven’t proven that it was your god that created everything.” This article will be addressing this […]

The Threat of Secular Humanism

Written by Jason Petersen When dealing with Creation vs. Evolution, particularly when a creationist and a secular humanist(Henceforth will be referred to as “humanist” for short.) are engaging in the debate, a lot of philosophical nuances tend to surface throughout the course of the discussion. This article will be dealing with the following questions: 1.) […]

Do Camels Disprove The Bible?

Written by Jason Petersen On February, 6th 2014, media outlets started releasing a story about a discrepancy in The Bible concerning when camels were domesticated and introduced into Israel. Atheists have been sharing this story all over the place. This article will offer a response to the media outlets that have blown this story beyond the scope […]

Is Apologetics Sinful? A Consideration of Titus 3

Written by Evan Osborne As followers of Jesus Christ, and pursuers of his truth, we are clearly commanded to “give an answer for the hope that is within us” (1 Peter 3:15). According to God’s word, all Christians are to engage in the practice of apologetics… Or are we? At Answers For Hope, we have […]